The Candora Society of Edmonton is a not for profit organization with a community development mandate to work with the residents of North East Edmonton to create a positive environment for families to live and grow and to collectively address issues of concern in our communities. The communities of Rundle and Abbottsfield are comprised of about 1,400 multi family housing units. A major proportion of the residents are from Aboriginal, multicultural, single parent, low income, or working poor families. Formal education levels may be low but the residents hold a wealth of knowledge and wisdom from their life experiences. The people in our community have valuable strength and vision, and through our collective wisdom, strength, energy, kindness and commitment we work together to create a great place to live. Candora, with resident input and assistance, develops and offers activities for adults, children and families to connect them to each other and the broader community. "People helping people make a difference" That’s what Candora is all about.

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248, 3210 - 118 Avenue, Edmonton, AB, T5W 4W1

(780) 474-5011
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Candora Society of Edmonton

Candora Society of Edmonton

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