You have an IQ, but what’s your EQ? Let me show you.

Erin Leslie is a Leadership Coach and the founder of EQFootprints. She demonstrates to her clients the assets they bring to their careers more specifically harnessing emotional intelligence (EQ) practices.

Builder of trustful and powerful teams, deep long-term client relationships, Erin teaches others how to foster high performing groups, develop personal branding, grow individual careers and enhance business problem solving.

​Erin has coached in public and private mentorship programs. As well with federal coaching associations helping newcomers to Canada navigate successful employment through a very competitive job market. Erin has supported men and women of all ages find their authentic self and best path to success.

​Leveraging agile practices, open-direct conversation and EQ-i assessments, increase your skills and overcome any professional barriers with Erin, your personal EQ leadership coach.


Toronto, ON

(647) 927-4138
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