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For User:

  • Build a profile that shows all your skills using pictures, videos, presentations, etc.
  • Apply for jobs, review companies, campuses and much more
  • Message companies via Channels and get guidance along the way.
  • Share Updates,  Add Friends, grow your network, connect with your employer and work on exciting projects.
From schools, universities, settlement & career support agencies, industry associations to your local chamber of commerce, we put them(5,000+) right at your fingertips, so you get the help and support you need and also review them.

For Business:

Building a startup with the right people in place is one of the hardest thing to do. You don’t have the budget, time or the manpower to do Campus Recruitment, and even when you do, you get crushed by some big mega corporation taking away all the attention.

At Job Minister, we have mapped out 🇨🇦 ALL Canadian campuses for you, so all you need to do is post your jobs and tag them to the campuses you’d like to recruit from. This way, your star candidate can learn about your company while they are browsing through their campus profile. It's like uncampus recruitment! 🤘🏼

What if the campus joins Job Minister?  Well, it gets even better!

They can be your recruiting partners. You can form direct partnerships with them via live chat and fill your roles. No matter how many campus, you can manage them all from one simple dashboard.

This frees up your time, so you and your team can shoot videos, photos, write articles, white papers and share them. Anyone reading your articles or visiting your team member’s profile will know that you are hiring. As you grow your team and publish more content it also grows your recruitment social network! Get started, today!

It's FREE!

If your business is listed, you can claim the profile in under a minute.  If not, create one for yourself in less than two!

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