Plus Appliance Repair provides services to individuals and businesses for: -installation/connection of appliances, warranty and post-warranty repair of appliances; firmware and repair of control modules of various brands of appliances.

How we do it

The task of any service center is to help people solve a problem with their appliances. Plus Appliance Repair Service Center has been accredited by appliance manufacturers to meet their requirements for a modern service center. As a result, our service center has signed contracts with appliance manufacturers for warranty and post-warranty repairs, as well as supplying them with original spare parts. We have the possibility to get full technical support from them for all the issues that arise. This allows us to solve many technical issues at the manufacturer's level.

Plus Appliance Repair is a company with employees that help people solve their problems and appliance issues that arise in their everyday lives. We don't like to say much about how we treat our customers. We prove it with our work!

The benefits of contacting Plus Appliance Repair Service Center

  1. Getting the desired result from your first visit to our Service Center or call the master in 90% of cases or minimal time. Due to the constantly replenished and expanded warehouse of spare parts we maintain these terms.
  2. Availability of at-home service. If your equipment needs repair, you won't have to drive it to our repair shop. We'll come to your place and fix it. If you call a master to repair your appliances at home - we try to solve the problem of your appliances in one trip. Our craftsmen will make diagnosis, simple, medium or complex repairs in your home.
  3. we are an Authorized Service Center.
  4. Optimal prices for goods, services and parts.
  5. Fair repair prices. If you call our handyman we'll tell you the cost of a handyman call. We do not hide it in the repair cost. According to the results of the diagnostics of your equipment master will tell you the full cost of repair and necessary spare parts. If this cost will be much for you, and you decide not to repair, we will not insist on it. In this case we will only ask you to pay the cost of calling a master and making diagnostics (defect detection of your equipment).
  6. We work in all areas of Torontro and the GTA.
  7. Provide a guarantee on goods, spare parts and work performed.
  8. We are responsible for the quality of its reputation.
  9. Payment: Cash and cashless payment.
  10. We provide a 5% discount for retirees and veterans.
  11. Individual approach: (to each client; wholesale customers; partners;  Private masters).
  12. When installing or repairing equipment, we use original spare parts from equipment manufacturers.

Reliability of using authorized Plus Appliance Repair service center services:

Plus Appliance Repair Service Center is accredited as an Authorized Service Center by many appliance manufacturers. We have been in the Toronto and GTa appliance service market since 2007. Reviews of our work you can see both on our website and on the Internet. Plus Appliance Repair authorized service center employs highly trained professionals who perform repairs promptly, in a short time. Call the master for an accurate diagnosis. When the diagnosis requires partial disassembly, identification of the cause of the fault, the final assembly of the equipment. In many cases, when the repair is made immediately after diagnosis, the charge for the work of the master, according to the price list of the service center Plus Appliance Repair.

Plus Appliance Repair service center fees are not higher than other service centers and they are absolutely justified.

Plus Appliance Repair service center provides a warranty of up to 12 months for the work performed. The Plus Appliance Repair service center technician writes a receipt for payment and a Certificate of Completion after diagnosis and/or repair is performed.

In the repair we use quality, original spare parts, components and units for minor and major repairs, as well as for simple, medium and complex repairs.


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207 Queens Quay W Suite 500, Toronto, ON M5J 1A7, Toronto, ON, M5J 1A7

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207 Queens Quay W Suite 500, Toronto, ON M5J 1A7

(647) 558-8568
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Plus Appliance Repair

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