Sep 18, 2018

Last week, LinkedIn released their annual list of Canada’s 25 most sought-after startups. The list is determined using data generated by its 575 million users, taking into account four major pillars—employment growth, engagement, job interest and attraction of top talent.

Out of thousands of active startups in Canada and more than 4,100 startups in Toronto alone, Planswell is number 11 on this list, along with a few other Toronto-based Fintech companies.

We asked a few (11 to be exact) of our employees why they think we made the list, and this is what they had to say:

“In my first few weeks at Planswell, I did one-on-ones with everyone. Across all functions – whether it be an engineer, executive or client success representative – everyone stated our mission was a key reason to join the team. Our passion for bettering the financial services industry motivates and unites us.”

Jenny He, Head of People Operations

“In the past two years, we’ve done some awesome trips and I can see that overnight retreats are even more important as our company grows. I’ve definitely found that our retreats have helped break down walls and build bridges, and in turn have led to a better culture for everyone while back at the office. Some of my best friends at work are definitely the result of our retreats.”

Harry McLaughlin, Head of Partnerships

“One of the main reasons I was so eager to join Planswell was the leadership team. Now that I’m part of the plan fam, I’ve gotten the chance to know the leadership team a little more and they’re all true to the term of leading by example. Some of the first interactions I had with management was sitting down with them and sharing personal conversations. This showed me that they care about me as a person beyond the work commitment and that’s really rare to find.”

Kristian Borghesan, Marketing Manager

“When I first started, we had a party where we had Toronto comedians do stand-up all about money on a stage in our office! Since then, parties and events have definitely been a big deal here. From a professional magician to BBQs in the park to salsa dancing lessons, Planswell parties and events are definitely core to our culture.”

Nicole Prins, Client Success Manager

“The bottom line here is that I’m excited to come to work everyday because I get to help people. On top of that, the people that are building plans and becoming clients are thrilled to share our mission with everyone they know. One client that I helped has referred over 12 of his friends and family members to Planswell – it’s truly amazing.”

Andy Cosby, Senior PlanPro

“We do catered team lunches every week, and they’re a great way to stay connected to members of the team that I see less and less of as our company grows. They’re also a great opportunity for us to break the ice with new clients, prospective hires, and industry specialists. I also love trying to guess each morning who has brought their dog in for the day. I’m glad we took the Nerf guns away, though. Those got silly.”

Robert Peacock, Senior Developer

“When deciding to launch my career in fintech, I knew I wanted to work in a place where I would be really connected with the CEO and leadership team for consistent mentorship – which is why Planswell is such a good fit. It is clear that there are more opportunities to grow into management and other roles.”

Claudia Humbert, Business Analyst

“Here at Planswell, we have management without hierarchy. We have people working together that in a traditional company wouldn’t be partnered together. There’s more freedom as an employee because at the end of the day, we’re all trying to succeed, we’re not focused on the hierarchy of the team. We’re always working together to make the company better.”

Alan Lau, Client Success Manager

“I love working at Planswell because everyone has the same drive for creation and helping others as I do. In short, entrepreneurial spirit here is contagious, and if you don’t feel it or catch it at Planswell, then you’re actively avoiding it. Maybe the biggest benefit of working at Planswell is the the realization that hard work, creative thinking, and tenacity are worth a whole lot – not even to mention doing our clients justice by genuinely working in their best interests.”

Jack Bennett, Client Success

“As a recent graduate, I was concerned that the transition from college to work would be a challenge. At Planswell, I’ve found a position that offers me a chance to develop my knowledge, while also allowing me to learn a wide range of skills. Every day I come to the office knowing I have joined a team that has the same passion to learn as I do.”

Claudia DoRego, Marketing Coordinator

“Once a week, we have a big Plan Pro celebration to recognize all of the hard work and all of the clients each individual PlanPro has helped. Everyone picks their own song and when their song plays they run around and high five the whole company. Andy’s song is Nelly’s Hot in Here and every time I hear that song I just think of Andy helping onboard a new client.”

Cam Kilvert, Senior PlanPro

There are 100 more reasons from where those came from, but in the meantime get familiar with the rest of our team at Planswell HQ.

P.S. we’re hiring, so if you’re interested in joining one of Canada’s top 25 startups, we’d love to hear from you!