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Jul 04, 2020

How’s your day going? Let us guess. Either you’re distancing from colleagues in a well-sanitized workplace, or you’re working from home.

“This too shall pass,” goes a famous saying, and sooner or later, we’ll enter a happier, healthier post-COVID-19 world. For now, as you know, it’s anything but business as usual.

Chances are, you’re using technology to cope with the changing times and reduce your physical contact with customers, colleagues and others. To find employees to hire, you may have already replaced traditional face-to-face hiring methods with low-contact online recruiting.

Whether your operations are starting to pick up again as your business reopens, whether your company is busier than ever and needs more staff, or whether you’ve been hiring as usual throughout the pandemic—how can you make online hiring work well for both your company and your job applicants?

Interviewing candidates, sourcing new talent, and onboarding new employees—these are three recruiting stages that physical distancing has turned upside down. How can you embrace online hiring to acquire skilled and loyal new team members? Follow our 15 tips below.


When you use Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams or other software to interview people and assess their skills, you and your candidates can save time and money. For example, no one has to commute to an interview or pay for parking or travel.

But when you can’t meet a candidate in person, show her the office and have her shake hands with her prospective teammates, how can you reliably gauge her personality and know whether she’ll feel comfortable working on your team? And given the aloofness of videoconferencing, how can you help your candidate feel engaged, valued and sure of where she stands in the interview process?

To strengthen feelings of personal connection and make smart hiring decisions, follow these practical virtual interview tips:

  1. Adopt the technology you’ll need (e.g., videoconferencing or skills-testing platforms), and ensure both you and your candidates know how to use it. Test your software and equipment beforehand, and make sure your audio and video work as they should. Conduct video interviews in a quiet, distraction-free room. If possible, face a window or another light source.
  2. Make the experience interactive. For example, providing a virtual office tour, enabling candidates to meet your team online, and increasing opportunities for questions and feedback will help interviewees feel immersed in your culture and workplace.
  3. Tell illuminating stories. For example, remember when the whole team pitched in to save an account and celebrated with pizza? Or the time your employee Dave suffered a personal setback and you all helped him out until he got back on his feet? Anecdotes like these will help your chosen candidate know he’s entering the right work culture before he says “yes” to your offer.
  4. Stay in touch. Use phone calls, email and social media to communicate with candidates and help them understand how your virtual hiring process works. With a Job Minister account, you can use messaging, live chat or your mobile device to share feedback with applicants and keep them informed about where they stand in the online interview process. Even if you forget to update applicants, their candidate dashboard automatically tracks any status updates you and your hiring team make.
  5. Comply with all relevant human rights laws. The remote nature of online recruiting makes it easier to unintentionally discriminate based on gender, race, ethnicity and other prohibited grounds. And if you interview people from outside Canada, abide by the labour laws of the relevant countries. Job Minister can help you hire wisely and ethically by removing biases and blind spots.

Stay tuned for our next blog post on Sourcing Candidates coming soon!

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