Job Minister

Nov 13, 2019

It’s 8:30 a.m., already you’ve downed two coffees, and multiple urgent tasks all scream for your attention.

At 10:00 you’ll interview a candidate for a marketing role. You want to make a wise choice. Any bad hiring decision can lead to missed opportunities, costly mistakes, customer dissatisfaction, plummeting morale, higher turnover and, ultimately, lower profits.

For small or medium-sized companies, the consequences of one poorly chosen hire can exceed the repercussions of a hiring misstep in a large corporation. The fewer employees a company has, the greater each person’s impact on the bottom line.

But when you’re constrained by few resources and forced to wear many hats to get things done, it can be tempting to cut corners. This includes your process to find employees, which in many smaller companies is haphazardly defined and inconsistent.

You may not have a budget for employer branding or a rich career section on your website. At many smaller companies, candidates can submit resumes only through a generic recruitment-specific email address. Plus, you may not have access to the HR automation tools that larger companies pay big bucks for.

As a result, here are 5 steps you may be missing from your recruitment process—plus tips to incorporate these steps with limited time and money. When you boost your hiring process, you increase your chances of recruiting star candidates to help your company thrive and grow.

1. Instead of waiting for applications, screen candidates from a resume directory

In today’s digital world, attention is a valuable commodity. Don’t wait for highly sought-after candidates to see and apply to your online postings. Wondering how to find the right candidate for a job? Filter candidates by job-relevant keywords and send them personalized messages.

Register on Job Minister and gain access to thousands of resumes from the get-go. As job applications pour in, you can build your own Internal Resume Directory. Over time, your directory will contain enough resumes and candidates to nurture and engage whenever you hire.

To grow your own resume directory or keep all your resume submissions in one database, embed the Branded Page link into your company website. It’s a white-label design (meaning you can incorporate your own branding into it) that will enhance your employer brand while growing your candidate pool.

Screen candidates on our Resume Directory and send them a direct message 

2. Actively source candidates, with help from a strong employer brand

How’s your talent pipeline? With active candidate sourcing, you can rein in appealing passive candidates for jobs that need filling either today or down the road.

Start conversations with qualified candidates on social media and at industry events. On Job Minister, you can use messaging or live chat to engage with passive talent. These tools open the door for potential employees to communicate anytime with your team, regardless of whether or not you’re hiring.

Entice candidates with a solid employer branding approach. An informative career page is an excellent starting point to articulate how your workplace stands out from the competition.

With a Job Minister account, you can build your company profile and set up your custom career page with little effort. You can publish blog posts, videos, photos and other content; showcase your workplace benefits and perks; and profile your team members.

If your employer brand proposition promotes diversity and inclusion, you might want to take advantage of Job Minister’s built-in partnership program. The program lets you choose from more than 5,000 schools, non-profit organizations, settlement services and post-secondary institutions. You can also invite your existing diversity partners to collaborate with you.

3. Manage applications with an affordable ATS tool

Think an Applicant Tracking System is out of your budget? Job Minister’s ATS functionality is specifically designed for small and medium-sized companies. If you’re hesitating about incorporating an ATS, think about the time and effort it can save you as it streamlines and standardizes your application intake and management.

When you post jobs in your Job Minister account, you’ll gain an ATS to collect and manage applications. Or if you prefer, you can ask candidates to contact you or to apply on your website.

For each job you post, you might have a hiring team making the selection decisions together. Job Minister helps the hiring team work more efficiently, and also removes biases or blind spots that might impede smart collaborative hiring decisions.

4. Keep candidates in the loop

One of candidates’ top frustrations is submitting an application and hearing nothing but crickets! You can do better than other employers that compete for the talent you want. Be the workplace that impresses strong candidates and gets positive reviews online.

With a Job Minister account, you can use messaging or live chat to share feedback with applicants and keep them informed about where they stand in the interview process. Even if you forget to update applicants about their candidacy, their candidate dashboard automatically tracks any status updates you and your hiring team make.

Once you’ve made your hiring decision, you can upload and send an offer letter to your chosen candidate right from your dashboard.

+ Add Team Members from your Employer Dashboard

5. Onboard and engage your new employee

Congratulations! Your dream candidate has accepted your offer. You and your team worked together to hire this new team member. How can you bring a new employee into your inner circle?

With Job Minister, it’s as easy as sending a contact request. From your dashboard home page, click the “+ Add Team Members” button and send the person an invitation. Once the employee accepts your request, you and the rest of the team will get notified. Your new hire will see all your company contacts auto-populate on his or her dashboard. Send your new employee a welcome message, or ask your team members to break the ice with their own personal messages.

Job Minister is your end-to-end recruitment solution. Sign up as an employer, and see how we can strengthen your entire hiring process.