Sep 15, 2017

You’re on the prowl for your next digital marketing gig. You’ve found some postings that are right up your alley — great! Now it’s time to apply. But how can you differentiate yourself from the mounds of other candidates clamoring for the same position?

According to recent research from job search site, recruiters barely glance at CVs — an average of a measly 6.25 seconds per résumé, to be exact. From there, human resource pros either trash them or chooses them to advance to the next candidate selection round.

It goes without saying that creating a top-notch digital marketing résumé is a key to your success. A digital marketing résumé requires certain details that go above and beyond traditional CVs, and creating a fresh one can feel a bit daunting.

Well, there’s no need to start from scratch. We’ve done the legwork to round up a handful of digital marketing résumé examples and have compiled some great tips from industry pros on how to create a CV that will catch a recruiter’s eye — and get you in the door for that coveted job.

To get you started, here are some specific tips to help you navigate the process.

Tips to Create a Top-Notch Digital Marketing Résumé

Understand Your Audience

If you’re putting together a killer marketing campaign, you need to know your ideal customer. Who do you want to reach? The same rule of thumb is applicable when it comes to résumés. When you’re responding with your CV to a particular job posting or simply sending your résumé out into the wild, who is going to be the primary person reading it?

Yes, HR professionals. But think beyond that. Where are you most excited to work? Are you eager to get a toehold in an advertising agency? Maybe you’re leaning toward a fast-paced startup environment? Or are you planning to climb the corporate ladder?

Understand the organization and the role before applying. Every organization has a unique culture and they’ll look for qualities in a candidate that correlate. Once you have a distinct picture of the job environment, you’ll be able to target your résumé accordingly.

For example, agencies tend to put a high value on creativity and outside-the-box ideas. For an agency gig with a concentration in social media marketing, this résumé template from résuméRenovations could be a great option to help you stand out.

Keep it Simple

There are plenty of résumés out there with lots of bells and whistles. But when it comes to a digital marketing résumé, the pros suggest you keep it clean and simple.

Jane Creaner-Glen, Head of Recruitment and HR at the Digital Marketing Institute explains: “I think the biggest mistake is making them too ‘busy’ looking. Timelines and infographics just put me off when I am reading a CV. I want to be able to see in 30 seconds the key skills of the applicant and the easiest way to do that is in a brief profile.”

A clean, minimal résumé can be playful without being cluttered. Take this template from EliterésuméCo. It’s neatly organized into a two-column grid so recruiters can quickly scan your qualifications, but it still conveys personality.

Tailor Your Content

Removing unnecessary clutter also frees up more space for you to communicate your value proposition as a candidate. Why are you great for this specific position?

Creaner-Glen suggests that candidates should personalize a “CV to the specific role you are applying for, mirror the language of the job specification – identify the keywords in the job spec and throw them into your CV. The recruiter is likely to have written the job specification so when they see the same language they use in your application they will automatically pay attention.”

In addition to mirroring keywords in your job descriptions, make sure you highlight projects and campaigns that are relevant to the open position. And above all, clearly communicate your brand — what makes you, you.

Because of the need to tailor your résumé regularly, it’s crucial to use a template that you can easily edit on the fly when applying to multiple jobs. One example is this Microsoft Word template from OddBitsStudio. résumé creators can change out colors, font sizes, add new/additional icons (this template comes with 70 other icon options), and remove/add pages to really make it your own.

Quantify Your Accomplishments

You’ve managed a successful project? You added a tonne of new leads into your company’s marketing funnel? Highlight those achievements on your digital marketing résumé. But go above and beyond merely listing those projects — quantify your successes.

That means being as specific as possible, where possible. Example: I added 1,200 qualified leads through a targeted social media campaign in Q2 2017.

To help you add those important stats and qualify your expertise, try out a template with basic-but-high-impact circle and line graphs, courtesy of OddBitsStudio.

Moving Forward With a Digital Marketing Résumé

Need a little more help to put together your digital marketing résumé? Check out BrainStation’sDigital Marketing course to get tips and tricks from leading Educators. Learn from the best to get your foot in the door in this in-demand industry.