Oct 12, 2017

G4S is a truly unique company – we are bigger, more diverse and involved in more fascinating, cutting-edge projects than many people would imagine.

As a world-leading solutions provider across a range of different sectors, we offer career opportunities and personal development that allows our people to unlock their full potential, to express themselves and to reap the rewards of their success.

Our entry-level careers include security guards, supervisors, integrators, investigators, airport screeners, and much more.

Wherever you join us, you will find a secure, friendly and professional working environment, and be given all the support, training and encouragement to build and develop a long-term career with us.

If you enjoy being challenged to become the best, we think you’d enjoy a career with G4S. To see how our employees have progressed within G4S, please read the case studies below to meet our people. You’ll soon see why our employees enjoy the challenges and rewards of working for G4S.

Samita Devgun, Security Guard

Samita is originally from Punjab, India. Before joining G4S, Samita was working as a customer service representative for a communications company. Samita was attracted to working for G4S due to the size of the company, and because she had heard very good things about management. Also, one of Samita’s close family members already works for G4S.

In 2015, Samita started working as a Security Guard for G4S. She is responsible for security patrol, and keeping an eye out for unusual activity. Samita told us, “ I like my role. It is very challenging and there a lot of things to do. Our client is very happy with us and they show their appreciation often”.

Samita also told us “I tell all my friends looking for a job, check out G4S online. It is a huge company and there are also a lot of opportunities to grow within the company. I want to be the best employee at G4S Canada. I love the way management treats us as employees”.

Joseph Kale, Field Supervisor

Joseph has more than 12 years of experience in security, and has been with G4S since 2015. He told us, “I met a gentleman that worked for G4S, and was very impressed by how highly he spoke of the company. I looked them up online and decided to apply right away”.

Joseph started as a security guard and was quickly promoted to Field Supervisor. As a Field Supervisor, Joseph is responsible for several sites and many security guards. His responsibilities include scheduling, alarm response and support as needed.

“G4S has been a great opportunity for me. I would recommend G4S as an employer because of the growth opportunities and support that you get. I am not going anywhere — I like it right here very much.”

Kalinda Cheung, Screening Officer

Kalinda has been at G4S since 2009, working as a Screening Officer. Kalinda is responsible for conducting searches of baggage and/or people, as well as monitoring x-ray machines and reporting on any unusual activity at the airport.

She told us, “I like my job as a Screening Officer because I get to meet different people everyday and there is a really good team environment at G4S. I like the fact that we have very flexible schedules. I like helping people and this job allows me to do so.”

“The training at G4S has been really great. Training is ongoing and constantly evolving. I would recommend this job to anyone interested in good pay and flexible hours; in fact I have recommended G4S to a close friend of mine. G4S offers many positions and I have seen a lot of people move up with the company.”

Justin Castrocane, Mobile Team Lead

Justin is originally from Oakwood, Ontario. He has been with G4S since 2010, when he joined as a temporary Security Guard during the G20 summit in Toronto. In this role, Justin was responsible for completing interior and exterior patrols in downtown Toronto. He was also responsible for assisting any law enforcement personnel as needed.

Justin then joined G4S full time as a mobile security guard. In this role, he was in charge of responding to alarm calls and ATM repair calls. In 2012, Justin was promoted to Mobile Team Lead, supporting other mobile security guards and security guards to ensure they have all the tools and support to needed to deliver security services to the highest standard for our clients.

Justin told us, “I like working for G4S because is a great company to work for, and you are always treated with respect. In the time I have been with G4S, I have learned a lot and I look forward to advancing my career further”.

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