Job Minister

Oct 14, 2019

You post a new job, the applications pour in, and you interview your top choices even though you’re not thrilled with the calibre of the resumes. And then comes the sigh of disappointment. Where are all the really strong candidates?

Chances are, the cream of the crop is working for your competitors.

The reality is, you’re hiring in a candidate-driven market. Job applicants have choices. The most capable candidates often don’t apply to online postings. Rising stars are being poached, or they’re shopping for the best employers and comparing their options.

If you’re not dynamically marketing and selling your company as an ideal place to work, the best candidates won’t know about you and will flock to other companies instead.

Wondering how to find the right candidate for a job? The answer is to step up your hiring game.

Ramp Up Your Recruitment Marketing

By adopting some of the strategies and tactics your company uses to market products to customers, you can spread the word to job candidates about your excellent workplace. With effective recruitment marketing in place, you’ll get more applications from top-quality candidates.

Step one in recruitment marketing? Develop a strong employer brand. As opposed to your customer brand, your employer brand will tell potential employees how positive an experience they’ll have working for you. It also will identify your unique “employee value proposition”—or what you bring to the table that’s distinct from other employers’ offerings.

In short, good employer branding helps you stand out from the competition.

Step two is to put on your thinking cap and flesh out ideas for the most creative, insightful website career page you can imagine. Your page should provide need-to-know facts about your company and paint a concrete picture of “a day in the life” of an employee.

A good website career page doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. No matter how big or small your company is, follow these 5 tips to get the biggest bang for your buck from your career page.

1. Outline the basics

Pretend you’re a job candidate wanting to know quick facts about your company. Describe your industry and competitive landscape. Company size, locations, markets, products, customers, and corporate history—all these pieces of information will help potential employees understand you better and assess whether your company might be a good fit.

2. Get behind the scenes

“A day in the life of Paul the product developer”—what a vivid way to help prospective employees imagine themselves working at your company. Describe interesting projects your teams are doing, and show some of the fun activities happening at your office. Add pictures of your office’s interior and of employees going about their day.

Benefits, perks, career growth opportunities, and company culture can make or break whether a desirable candidate chooses to accept your job offer. Outline your assets in those areas.

If you’re a socially responsible employer or you emphasize diversity and inclusion, work these advantages into your career page as well.

3. Bring your company to life

Add videos of employees having fun or explaining why they love working for your company. Videos can run the gamut from highly produced films to simple clips that anyone can shoot from a smartphone or low-cost video camera.

And don’t ask your marketing team for stock photos. Get real by using actual shots of your teams. Go beyond text and use multimedia to put prospective employees in the shoes of your current team members.

4. Ask candidates to apply

You’ve captured their interest. Now, tell them about your job openings. Keep your career page up to date with current opportunities, and delete positions once they’ve been filled.

Provide a fast, streamlined process for employees to apply from your page. Let applicants upload their resumes and cover letters—and don’t annoy candidates by making them fill out lengthy application forms.

5. Engage with candidates

Don’t let prime candidates visit your page and then slip through the cracks. Encourage visitors to send you a message or leave their contact information. Getting contact details is a simple but smart tactic for active candidate sourcing.

If you can, provide an email newsletter or a blog that prospective team members can subscribe to. Also include a contact mechanism and monitor submissions regularly.

When following up with candidates, be prompt, helpful and clear. Don’t leave applicants dangling about where they stand in the hiring process. Poor communication can drive strong candidates away and damage your brand’s reputation. The last thing you want is disgruntled applicants telling their colleagues to avoid your company … or perhaps leaving negative reviews online.

Let Job Minister help you find employees to hire. Sign up as an employer, and create your custom career page with one click. Engage with candidates through status updates, panel feedback, live chat and curated content.