“iA’s education assistance program is fantastic because it allows for paid time off.” - Edson Belhumeur

A highly motivating career, from intern to permanent employee

Edson came to work for us as an intern in the Actuarial Services department. “Something that is really good for interns at iA is that they aren’t treated like students: they work on challenging projects, just like permanent employees. For me, that meant I was responsible for the same tasks as a regular employee and worked on a project alongside an experienced actuary.”

Upon graduation, Edson was hired as an actuary on the permanent basis in the same department in which he did his internship. His work touched upon a variety of different fields, including the calculation of actuarial reserves, source of earnings analysis, solvency ratio calculation and insurance products pricing. He now works in the marketing department as part of the team responsible for the development of individual savings and retirement products.

Involved in projects of strategic importance

Before developing a new product targeting early retirees and retirees, Edson and his colleagues pinpointed their needs, those of our distribution network representatives and of our company itself, so as to formulate a new product design brief. “Working on projects of strategic importance for the company brings us closer to management, which is extremely interesting and exciting.”

To this end, they worked in Lean mode with the product promotion team, the administrative support team, risk management actuaries and members of the upper management. They then turned to network representatives for feedback on their ideas. “I find this part of my work to be especially interesting because it gives me the chance to interact with representatives, to understand their reality in the field and their sales techniques. We have an idea of what goes on in their day-to-day, but it’s never a complete picture. They help us to fine-tune our products to make them more interesting to the client.”

Professional development: a priority

Edson studied and worked full-time while preparing to write his Society of Actuaries exams. “iA’s education assistance program is fantastic because it allows for paid time off.”

He also participates in our professional development programs. “It is very important to me to keep learning and improving, but I don’t always know where to turn. The fact that I have this support plus access to lots of different training courses and workshops helps a great deal. For example, tools that I acquired during communication and feedback workshops not only help me at work, but in my personal life as well.”

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