THE 519

THE 519

Oct 30, 2017

Ma'am | Sir | Miss | Mr. | Lady | Gentleman

Avoid assumed use of gendered titles. Use titles only after you have confirmed how someone wishes to be addressed.

Email conversation

When writing an email, it is not required to use a gender-specific title. Consider using just the person's first and last name. Along with gender-neutral pronouns, you may also use Mx. as a gender-neutral title.

Sample conversations that remove gendered titles

  • Hi there, how are you today?
  • How can I help you today? What would you like support with?
  • I would just like to confirm what name you go by [...]. Great, thanks so much for giving me that information. I will make a note with your account to ensure that other folks know that this is your name.
  • Is there anything else you would like to tell me today to help us better meet your needs?

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