Companies who prioritize attracting and retaining top talent know they need to invest in their people. This can come in the form of on-the-job training, tailored development opportunities, company-paid health and dental benefits or profit-sharing programs. One benefit you may not be aware of is a tuition reimbursement program.

This benefit varies by company but often comes in the form of a partial rebate for tuition or textbooks that can be reimbursed once the semester or program is complete.

With the cost of living on the rise, these programs alleviate some financial stress and give students the freedom to pursue their studies while building a career and generating an income.

For example, The Home Depot Canada encourages and supports associates who enroll in college, university, or technical school courses in order to obtain a degree, certificates or to pursue their professional development. This program is uniquely open to all hourly and salaried associates who have been with the company for six months or more. The program has been so successful that in 2016, The Home Depot Canada helped support 1,120 Canadian associates further their education, investing more than $1.14 million.

“With benefits such as the Tuition Reimbursement program, Home Depot helped take some of the stress off of my shoulders. I am very thankful to work for a company who encourages their employees to grow and continue their education,” says Celine Fillion, a part-time store associate in Niagara Falls, Ontario. “The management at my store always supported me, saying that my education came first.”

A tuition reimbursement program usually applies to job-related courses and helps the student improve their skills in fulfilling the responsibilities of their current position. The benefit of working for a company like The Home Depot, is the variety of departments that allow students to participate in the Tuition Reimbursement program. Students are able to take classes in accounting, advertising, business, graphic design, human resources, information technology, and supply chain.

“Home Depot's tuition reimbursement program allowed me to complete my MBA part-time and has been extremely valuable because I can take what I've learned in my classes and immediately apply it to my job,” says Emily Young, Operations Assistant Store Manager in Hamilton, Ontario. “It helped out a lot financially so that I could start the program sooner, rather than having to wait while I saved up.”

When researching for companies to plant professional roots down, students should dig a little deeper into the rewards and unique benefits offered. Landing a position with a company that offers tuition reimbursement becomes a long-term investment to better oneself and while lessening the financial burden of continuing education.

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