Vica Maya

Sep 12, 2017

Want to Become a Digital Nomad?Studying at RED May be the Solution

Making the decision to return back to school is not for the faintest of heart. It involves introspection, an honest look at your goals, and a clear vision for your future. It’s easy to fall into a daily routine and get comfortable with the familiar. The problem arises when you get stuck doing work you don’t enjoy. A job that’s out of alignment with your dreams, deprives you of energy and brings you little fulfillment. If you are a free-spirited individual, chances are you don’t belong in a traditional 9-5 desk job. Becoming a digital nomad might be right up your alley!

I believe that people must enjoy what they do for a living and choose a lifestyle that makes them happy. Lately, that hasn’t been the case for me. After 8+ years of university and many jobs under my belt, I started looking for more meaning in my career. As a creative and entrepreneurial person at heart, the cubicle lifestyle felt like a trap. I needed more freedom, flexibility, and opportunity to channel my ideas and talents.

Escape from the Cubicle

I made a few attempts to settle for 9-5 desk job. I encountered heavy office politics, disgruntled colleagues, and strict work constraints. I felt out of place and was ready for a positive change. I wanted to work with like-minded people who are passionate about what they do for a living. My dream environment was one that welcomes creativity, and doesn’t suppress it.

I began brainstorming and looking for solutions. As a result, I came across entrepreneurship, freelancing and remote work. These options can lead to more creative endeavours, flexible schedules, and work-life balance.

Self-learning vs. Classroom Education

My mind was full of entrepreneurial ideas, but I lacked the skills to get these projects off the ground. I spent hours reading books, taking notes, watching tutorials and dissecting websites. I became passionate about learning about location-independent businesses, entrepreneurship, and marketing. Reading stories of people pursuing their dreams inspired me to pave my own path. Despite the fact that I was learning a lot on my own, I felt there was a gap in my knowledge. Self-learning lacked structure, feedback, and professional guidance. I knew the best way to master new technical skills would be through hands-on learning. To gain real life experience, I needed valuable practice and constructive feedback. The decision to return to the classroom was not an easy one, but it was essential.

Search for the Right Program

If I was going to change careers, I wanted to make sure it was worth my time and financial investment. When searching for local marketing courses, I came across RED’s Digital Marketing Diploma. I took my time to research all school options and figure out the best solution for my needs.

The most valuable feedback came from alumni. I reached out to graduates, asked questions and read all student reviews. People were open to sharing feedback and discussing the pros and cons of the program. Connecting and chatting with graduates helped me make my decision. RED seemed like a potential fit, so I made an appointment to visit the school. I loved its practical approach to learning and welcoming school atmosphere. For someone who likes challenges and fast paced learning, RED seemed like a great option!

Although RED met all my criteria, the decision to sign up took a lot of guts. Going back to school meant facing big changes and stepping outside of my comfort zone. It meant investing time and money, putting work on hold, and making big sacrifices to focus on school. I was either to keep struggling on my own or achieve my desired goals at a much faster pace. The choice was a no-brainer.

It’s More than You May Expect

I look back on the day I signed up with a big sense of relief and accomplishment. The program delivered what it promised and challenges me in ways I didn’t expect. It is fast-paced, thorough and very practical. You study hard and work with real business clients under tight deadlines. The level of intensity and commitment is high. Going back to studies requires strong time-management skills, initiative and focus to succeed. At the end, what you are willing to put into your experience, is what you will get out of it.

What makes RED memorable are the people. The instructors are knowledgeable industry professionals who guide students throughout the learning process. They are friendly, approachable and accessible to all students. Your classmates become your teammates and network of support. Our small group of 12 has people of diverse professional and educational backgrounds. We are always learning from each other’s unique experiences, skills, and strengths. What brings everyone together is our shared motivation to learn and succeed. Sharing this experience with like-minded individuals makes overcoming challenges fun and exciting!

The Future Looks Bright

With the end of the program so near, I can’t help but feel excited about the opportunities to come! RED’s workshops on career development prepare students to transition from school to employment.

This digital marketing program was the ideal blend of creativity and analytical thinking. It was the challenge I needed to grow and feel inspired in my career. I look forward to implementing everything I learned in my own entrepreneurial ventures.

If you are debating about going back to school, take an honest look at your skills, talents and what makes you happy. Why dread your job when you can enjoy what you do for a living? If studying will take you one step closer to your dreams, then the decision will be clear and well worth it.

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