computer lab technician + Django web developer May 2012 - Present

Shahed University Tehran, 07, Iran

- Techincal support of local servers such as DC, Antivirus, WSUS, Print servers, and FTP

- Supporting network and internet for laboratory.

- Maintaining laboratory computer software and hardware

- Installing software and hardware according to the request of the lab director.

- Assisting instructors in developing and installing teaching aids.

- Assisting students in the use of computers, peripherals, and installed software.

- Ordering necessary supplies for the operation of the laboratory and classroom facilities.

- Fixing the software and hardware problems by myself or through higher-level technical support personnel or contact

with outside vendor support personnel.

- Communicating laboratory problems to the Help Desk, lab director, and other affected personnel.

- Performing other duties as assigned.


In the last two years (from 10-2018) I started learning python and Django, and based on my ability, the research department decided to

ask me for a web development project titled "Research Portal of Engineering Faculty" completed and delivered in 12-2020.


Bachelor's Degree - Computer Engineering 

University College of NabiAkram (UCNA) September 2003 - February 2009

Learned how to program, how to see problems from a different view, and how to make solutions for them.

Master's Degree - Computer Engineering 

Shahed University September 2014 - September 2017

Learned skills of image processing and computer vision.

GPA= 3.0 of 4

More than two years of experience in Django and python web development with a Master of Computer Engineering

degree. proven skills in javascript, jquery, and CSS in frontend and python for the backend.

programming skills in C, C++, Matlab.

Experienced in Image processing and computer vision including Neural Networks, object detection/recognition.

More than 6 years of practical experience with MS Windows, Debian, and Ubuntu.

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