My journey in sales began in the fall of September 2016. I was at a booth promoting for a Ryerson student group (Ryerson Toastmasters) and that's when I was approached by the recruiter who kickstarted my sales career. She was blown away by my ability to speak and effectively pitch the Ryerson Toastmasters competent communication program. She offered me a sales job for a downtown tech startup right then and there.

My time at the tech startup has taught me the two most important characteristics I think all sales people should possess - tenacity and resilience.

- I am TENACIOUS. When I started at the tech startup it was starting to hit the cold winter months and my only role at the time was to do door-to-door sales. On any given weekend temperatures would dip below 0. I would knock on 100+ doors in 3-4 hours, speaking to 25+ homeowners and only close 2 homeowners. I was determined to become the best sales representative at the office. With my eyes on the prize, I kept knocking weekend after weekend. When spring came around, I could easily close 6 homeowners per day and rose to the top of the sales leaderboard.

- I am RESILIENT. When sales people talk numbers, it's usually numbers relating to the number of deals closed or dollar amount sold. I'm proud to say that when I first started in B2C sales, for every successful sale, I would've gotten at least 5 rejections, resulting in hundreds of rejections. Through this experience, I have built a very strong resiliency towards rejections and now have the ability to turn rejections into future opportunities. 

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