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Dave Webb is a freelance writer/editor/content strategist with more than 20 years' experience in journalism, marketing, and media relations. He has also worked as a print shop manager, guitarist, and chicken cutter, though not at the same time.

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Easin Arafat (Toronto, ON)

UI/UX Designer

Job Minister

User Interface Design, Dashboards, Wireframes

Rez Kabir (Toronto, ON)

Founder, CEO

Job Minister

Negotiation, Social Media Marketing, Recruiting, Candidate Sourcing, Direct Recruitment

Saad Ullah Naeem (Toronto, ON)


Job Minister

MonetDB, Django, Javascript, Vuejs, Typescript

Shahid Zia (Toronto, ON)

Backend Developer

Job Minister

HTML, Django, CSS3, Javascript, Web Development

Tracy Smith (Toronto, ON)

Copywriter and Content Marketing Writer

Job Minister

Social Media Management, Business Writing, Editing, Copy Writing, Content Marketing

Mahbub Monika (Toronto, ON)

Social Media Manager

Job Minister

Social Media Management, Social Networking, Quality Assurance, Data Analytics, Communication Skills