Job Minister
Mahbub works at Job Minister


Social Media Manager Present

Job Minister Toronto, ON, Canada

Job Minister
Mahbub works at Job Minister

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Network with People

Easin Arafat (Toronto, ON)

UI/UX Designer

Job Minister

Dashboards, Wireframes, User Interface Design

Saad Ullah Naeem (Toronto, ON)

Web Developer

Job Minister

Vuejs, Django, Typescript, Javascript, MonetDB

Shahid Zia (Toronto, ON)

Backend Developer

Job Minister

Django, Full Stack Development, CSS3, Javascript, Django Template

Dave Webb (Toronto, ON)


Job Minister

Content Marketing, Content Writing, Research Writing, Search Engine Marketing, Content Strategy

Tracy Smith (Toronto, ON)

Copywriter and Content Marketing Writer

Job Minister

Copy Writing, Business Writing, Content Marketing, Content Writing, Communications