Parminder Kaur (Sharepoint Online/Microsoft 365/Azure) INRODUCTION Solutions Architecture (Blueprint, Roadmap planning) | Digital Transformation | SharePoint Program Management, Architecture, Development, & Administration Over 13 years of IT experience covering all phases of the Software Design Life Cycle (SDLC) including Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, and Support of Web Applications, .NET Framework, and Microsoft 365 technologies. Expertise in Translating business requirements into well-architected solutions that best leverage the SharePoint Online platform while allowing for future growth. Proven expertise lies in the Microsoft Teams, Power Platform, SharePoint Online application development/migration/architecture, Office 365 governance, and business process automation. Highly experienced in gathering the requirements from the business users and preparing technical design documents, design, and architecture. Excellent interpersonal skill with ability to effectively communicate with clients, vendors, and cross-functional teams to achieve project priorities. Creates documentation and participates as a reviewer and contributor in requirements design and estimation. Identify ideas to improve system performance and impact availability and resolves complex technical design issues. Excellent problem-solving skills. Active member in all the Microsoft community calls. TECHNICAL SKILL SET SUMMARY SharePoint Technologies Sharepoint Tools Microsoft Office Sharepoint Online architect and development, SharePoint online admin, App catalog admin, SPFX, Sharepoint online metadata management, Sharepoint online API integrations, SharePoint 2013/2010, InfoPath 2007/2010/2013, Microsoft Office SharePoint (MOSS) 2007, Sharepoint Designer, Custom Web Part, Document Management, Web Content Management, Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF), STDADM, WSP Builder, PowerShell, MS Lync, SharePoint, SPMetal, U2Ucaml Sharegate (Desktop and Apricot versions), PowerShell (for SharePoint online, Teams), Graph explorer, Postman (API), STDADM, WSP Builder, MS Lync, SPMetal, U2Ucaml. Teams admin, Office 365 group management w.r.t SharePoint projects, Power platform admin, Power Automate and Power apps architecture and development, Power BI, Microsoft protection and compliance center, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008/2010/2012/2015/2017, Microsoft office suite (word, excel, PowerPoint), Visio, Forms. Azure Cloud Function apps, Logic Apps, Bot framework, Pricing models analysis for different components, Good knowledge. Languages React, KQL, C#, VB.NET, SQL, PL/SQL. .NET Technologies Web Service, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, REST, SOAP, SSIS ,InfoPath, Unit Testing, WEB API Web Technologies React, HTML, DHTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, HTML5, AJAX, Bootstrap. Design Patterns MVC4, MVC5, MVVM, Singleton, Factory Database SQL Server 2008/2005/2000, MS Access .NET Framework .NET Framework 4/3.5/3.0/2.0/1.1 Web Servers Internet Information Server (IIS) Scripting Languages Java Script, JQuery Source Control TFS, MKS, VSS, CVS, GitHub Defect Analysis Tools EDUCATION TFS, Quality Control (QC),Service Now, Open View ➢ Master’s in computer science. ➢ Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science. ➢ Diploma in Computer Programming. CERTIFICATIONS & TRAININGS ➢ Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) in Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, Application Development. ➢ Successfully completed MICROSOFT POWER PLATFORM + DYNAMICS 365 CORE (MB-200T00) Training PROFESSIONAL WORK EXPERIENCE SUMMARY Start date End Date Aug ,2018 Ongoing Oct,2016 Jan,2016 August,2018 Sept,2016 July,2014 Dec,2015 Feb,2014 June,2014 S.No Company 1. 2. 3. Regional Municipality Company Client TCS TCS Rogers (Retail), Canada HSBC, Canada TCS TCS Rogers (Billing), Canada Canada TD Canada Aviva Canada, Canada Trust, Role Application Architect Architect / Lead Lead/Senior Programmer Analyst Senior Analyst Architect/Team Lead/Developer Architect/Team Lead Architect / Developer Architect/ Developer Programmer 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. TCS FSCO, Canada Matrid Noida/Chandigarh, India MedFoSys, Noida/Mohali, India Sept,2011 Dec,2012 May ,2011 Aug,2011 April, 2008 May, 2011 Technologies, Developer May, 06 Dec, 07 DETAILED PROFESSIONAL WORK EXPERIENCE Regional Municipality Aug 2018-Present Application Solution Architect. Solution Environment: Microsoft 365 – Sharepoint online, Power Apps, Power Automate, Microsoft Teams, Security, and compliance, One drive, Yammer, Various installations on the Azure platform as function app. Responsibilities ➢ Translate business requirements into well-architected solutions that best leverage the SharePoint Online platform while allowing for future growth ➢ Works with cross-functional areas to architect and document technical solutions that are aligned with client business objectives ➢ Manage the design, delivery of configuration, integrations, and data migration elements of a SharePoint Online implementation ➢ Develop solutions and interfaces leveraging the SharePoint Online platform ➢ Monitoring SharePoint online environment and administration on ongoing basis ➢ Monitoring and fixing deleted SharePoint sites/teams, missing Teams owners and providing guidance to end users. ➢ Providing guidance to developers /administrators within team and intra team on various projects and use cases. ➢ Governance and documentation on SharePoint online platform, Power platform (power automate /power app) platform. ➢ Active member of Microsoft platform governance committee for deciding connectors options. ➢ Sharepoint online app catalog installation, app management and accesses for various use cases. ➢ Providing training to team members on various ongoing tasks e.g., migration of content, provisioning approvals, Microsoft updates impact on existing applications etc. ➢ Providing L3 support for various SharePoint online platform, projects and providing training to helpdesk on various SharePoint related queries. Architect /Developed and worked on below projects /Tasks ➢ Deployed configured various SharePoint templates for Self service Sharepoint site provisioning based on information Management team defined templates on Azure function. Provided guidance to team on which pricing model to use and implemented it at Azure function level ➢ Provided guidance to provision team as well inside of SharePoint provisioning to minimise the overhead of provisioning two pieces together and using same templates for teams as well for compliance and retention purpose. ➢ Turned on external sharing and configured guest users for Microsoft Teams, guest permissions for a team, meeting, messaging, and calling options for guests, removed guests, managed Azure AD access review for guests, and configured guest access from Azure AD portal ➢ Deployed tested various Compliance labels and retention rules definition at platform level in development environment with Information management team for promoting them to production environment. ➢ Architected, provisioned, and supported municipalities New intranet on SharePoint online, managed security and other aspects. ➢ Migration of content between various SharePoint sites using Sharegate and provided guidance and assistance in other migrations such as one drive migration using Mover, Lotus migration tool analysis. ➢ Sharepoint API integrations through Graph API or add in capability with other platforms such as Salesforce for Housing development project, Providing integration points for business analytics of company’s intranet portal through ClientID /Client Secret ➢ Architected and developed Company wide BLOG for Commissioner and director communication to rest of the department on urgent basis. ➢ Performed Migration and configuration of various power apps/Flow from default environment to production environment and development environment to production environment. ➢ Developed various PowerShell scripts for SharePoint online to satisfy use cases of reporting needs. and did administration through SharePoint admin portal as well. ➢ Done the overall architecture at SharePoint online platform level such as Metadata architecture design for company’s taxonomy. ➢ Working and Reviewing SharePoint online admin, one drive admin configurations with Microsoft. ➢ Architected, Developed, configured extranet for COVID-19 knowledge base project connected to various COVID-19 related sites for Mass Vaccination Program, School Health, PHCC, CCM, planning to be shared with external vendors. ➢ Created the Development environment, QA, and Production environment for Azure, Sharepoint and deployed Virtual Agent bot ➢ Installed app catalog, managed and Installed various third-party vendor solutions after getting confirmation from governance committee such as Content Panda, learning portal, ITSM 360 and custom SPFX to be used by rest of the organisation as app parts. REWARD 1. Rewarded with Excellent contribution for the work done in setting up everything at platform level and providing guidance to team and end users Rogers (Retail) Oct, 2016 --Aug 2018 Application Solution Architect/Lead Solution Environment: SharePoint online, Workflows (SharePoint Designer 2013), C# language, Excel for export import, Ajax, CSS, jQuery, CSOM, JavaScript, Visual studio 2015, MVC 5, WEBAPI, HTML (Razor), Bootstrap, oracle 11g, Ajax, Visual studio 2015. Project: Device Launch tools: Tool for managers to manage the tasks on each phone device launch. Tasks has to be prepopulated based on type of device launch e.g. Samsung, Nokia etc. and notifications needs to be send on task assignments. Role and responsibility: ➢ Analyzed and understand the business processes identifying and communicating the technical software requirements. ➢ Identifying the work items required for the project and provided estimate for each. ➢ Designed and developed the project. ➢ Unit testing and providing test cases and helping QA in performing the testing. ➢ Co-ordinating every task in the team according to timelines and providing guidelines within team wherever and whenever required. ➢ Raising escalations whenever required. Project: Quick Links (Dual language support): Responsive web design application which shows which retail store has access to which app. Role and responsibility: ➢ Analyzed and understand the business processes identifying and communicating the technical software requirements. ➢ Identifying the work items required for the project and provided estimate for each. ➢ Designed and developed the project (backend, WEBAPI, Front End). ➢ Setting up QA lab: Installing IIS to deploying the web service, website, raising firewall requests. ➢ Providing guidance for setting up retail QA lab register and mobile devices. ➢ Unit testing and providing test cases and helping QA in performing the testing. ➢ Providing documentation for production setup and assisting the server person in deployments. ➢ Co-ordinating every task in the team according to timelines and providing guidelines within team wherever and whenever required. ➢ Raising escalations whenever required. Project: PCI Swipe (Enhancement) Project Summary: Work is to convert the card swipe data to text output using the SDK provided for the swipe device. Role and responsibility: ➢ Worked on enhancing the tool e.g. adding dual language support, adding the user interfaces and defect addressing. ➢ Gathering business requirements for enhancements. Other Tasks: Maintenance of following projects: ➢ Staff Menu: Versions (windows 7 and 10), CASA stores. ➢ Task Ender: Versions, CASA stores. ➢ Password Utility HSBC Jan'16 - Sep'16 Lead/Senior Programmer Analyst Solution Environment: C#, XML, Web Services (SOAP), Singleton design Pattern, SSIS, Unit Testing, Visual studio 2008/2012, SQL Server 2008, TFS, Mainframe, Clear Quest, Source Safe Project: HIDC (HSBC Investment Direct – Wealth) HIDC provides their customers with an online self-directed investing service. HIDC allows a customer to invest in different asset classes such as equities, options, fixed income, mutual funds and ETFs. The site and its functionality are based on Microsoft technologies. 12+ Distributed team (Hong Kong, Vancouver, US) Contribution: ➢ Worked on around 25 Soap web services (including creating new and modifying existing) and testing through Unit Testing and Soap UI. ➢ Worked on different Stored procedures used on different tables Equity, Mutual funds etc. used in web services ➢ Addition of new modules like Funds Facts, GAP pages. ➢ Defect analysis, fixing and triage ➢ Working with core team (Hong Kong) in shifts. ➢ Upgraded Batch file used for making builds to include labels from Source Safe. Rogers (Billing) July'14 - Dec'15 Senior Programmer Analyst Solution Environment: SharePoint 2013, VB.Net, XML, XSLT, C#, Web Services (SOAP), Singleton Design Pattern, Visual studio 2012, SQL Server 2008, TFS, Rumba Mainframe, Clear Quest, JIRA, Source Control Project: SGI (Super System Graphics Interface) and SharePoint site maintenance. SGI is a graphical interface for Super System (Mainframe) which is used by Rogers Customer Care representatives for Rogers’s wireless, Cable and home services. SGI performs various types of search requesting data from Super system, RCIS, OBI, V21 and RTI. SGI uses Rumba Mainframe API to communicate with Super System. Contribution ➢ Helped TFS 2012 Setup, Configuration and code migration ➢ TFS 2012 Build server setup and making builds. ➢ Added new features (Data Usage, Shomi, Arris Motorola Video Strategy, Travel Ticket, Semaphore) ➢ Defect analysis and fixing. ➢ Offshore lead testing team ➢ Managed SharePoint site- Document management, adding web parts, granting permissions. TD Canada Trust Feb'14 - Jun'14 Team Lead/Architect/Developer Solution Environment: HTML5, ASL.NET (Version 4), MVC design pattern. Entity Framework4, Visual studio2010, SSIS, QC, MKS Project: CASL (Canada’s Anti- Spam Legislation) Tool: E-Consent (Dual Language Support) CASL is the enterprise solution to capture the customer consent preferences. Central Solution provides the user interface to the internal users of TDBFG (e.g.TD Wealth, TD securities,TD Canada Trust,TD Insurance Auto Finance, TD Asset Management, D Merchant Services, CBAC, etc.) to manage the consent preferences (like unsubscribing or adding consent from a particular Line of business under particular granularity like Request for Feedback, Information about TD Products and Services, Information about TD accounts of the customers) which are: inquire on electronic address ➢ Storage and retrieval of CASL consent data ➢ ➢ show the history of electronic address ➢ disclaimer/wrapper management ➢ Email handling (including automated attachment of disclaimer/wrapper and exclusion handling) ➢ Different SSIS packages are created for o One time load-Load of about 15 million records o EDW Feed –Daily scheduler job handles roughly about 8 million records o FYI email- Used to send emails to unsubscribed users in French and English. Responsibilities: ➢ WEBAPI development providing services to add consent and unsubscribe requests. ➢ SSIS Package for EDW data conversion to CSV format to be used by ESI. ➢ Preparing interface documents for different lines of business and communicating with them. ➢ Gathering requirements and design of the application. Aviva (Canada) Sept'11 - Dec'12 Architect/Team Lead/Developer Solution Environment: Sharepoint2010, InfoPath 2010(Code behind) through VSTA, SharePoint Designer 2010, Workflows (SharePoint Designer 2010), Business intelligence center for report generation and charting, JavaScript, CSS. Project: Commercial Underwriter Governance Commission (Dual Language Support) CUGC is a site specially designed for assessment of Underwriter by Assessor. Underwriter can belong to one or more than one of the four categories ➢ Auto Fleet/Garage ➢ Auto IRCA ➢ Casualty ➢ Property All The forms designed where dynamic in nature which picks the information on run time from questions list which gave the administration the flexibility to change the questions. Site was designed for these types of users: CUGC - Doing administrative work of loading the policies, question setup, Assigning AVP to a branch, releasing policies to branch, View Accepted, Rejected or pending tasks of Assessor. AVP - Assigning policies to the assessors. Assessors - Perform the assessment of underwriter. Underwriter - View the assessment done by the Assessor. Responsibilities: ➢ Gathered requirements from the client, Designed and developed Performed and Assist and support unit, system, acceptance, and performance testing. ➢ Development done thought InfoPath 2010 VSTA support using Views, Data Connections, SharePoint Designer for interfaces, JavaScript, Workflows. Project: Initiative Tracker (Dual Language Support) Initiative tracker was small application designed in InfoPath to track the process if someone takes initiative or has some idea and how it is approved by the hierarchy of users above that user and how much has been done to realize that idea ,Are deadlines met? Responsibilities: ➢ Gathered requirements from the client, Designed and developed, performed, and Assist and support unit, system, acceptance, and performance testing. ➢ Administrative works i.e., maintaining permissions though groups, creating and maintaining site collections. Creating Document libraries for Commercial Authorities, Commercial Lines of Business having multi-level approval workflows. ➢ Created and provisioned sites with custom lists, document libraries, and content types, designing pages (SharePoint designer), Maintaining permissions though groups. FSCO (Financial services commission of Ontario) May'11-Aug'11 Architect / Developer (.net and SharePoint) Solution Environment: Windows 2008 r2, Hyper –V, SharePoint 2010, TFS (Team Foundation Server), visual studio 2010, C#, ECMA (SharePoint2010 Client Object Model), SPMetal, SharePoint 2010 manager, U2Ucaml, JavaScript for validation, Stsadm and PowerShell scripts for deployment Project: Subscription Center for internet facing portal. Subscription center was developed to manage FSCO’s clients customer’s Subscriptions and RSS feeds. Subscriptions and RSS feeds were for their major publications divided into four main categories in dual language support (i.e. English and French) ➢ Mortgage Brokers: Mortgage Broker e-Info ➢ Auto Insurance: Auto Insurance e-Newsletter ➢ Pensions: Pension e-Bulletin ➢ Insurance: Insurance Agents E-News Responsibilities: ➢ Gathered requirements from the client. ➢ Designed and developed subscription Centre. ➢ Performed and Assist and support unit, system, acceptance, and performance testing. Major Features of Module: ➢ All web parts are Configurable i.e., can be attached to any page; interconnections between them will be restored though configuration List. ➢ Administrators can at any time change the email contents as Separate email entry list was provide for subscribing, unsubscribing, confirmation, Email Address change ➢ Elevated privileges for anonymous access. ➢ CSV format conversions to Maestro ListServ from SharePoint lists for sending emails to customers. ➢ Supports Subscription to RSS feeds of Publications too in addition to subscribing to publications. ➢ Email security maintained through confirmation codes and SharePoint lists security maintained through appropriate user permissions at various site levels. ➢ Dual language support (English and French) Web parts developed: Main Web part: This web part deals with the subscription of customers to various Publications, RSS feeds, sending emails and confirmation codes stored in appropriate lists. Publication has Dual Language support through resource files, Language selection is based on Query parameters. All the subscriber’s details are stored through this web part. Management Web part: Customer subscribed subscriptions and RSS feeds are displayed in these web part. Additional privileges are given to customers for changing their email address, subscriptions to additional publications and RSS feeds. Confirm emails Web part: This web part is used for confirmation purposes when user clicks on the confirmation link in their Email inbox. Login Web part: Used as login web part for already subscribed customers. List subscription Web part: This web part was developed to individually subscribe to any list that administrator selects on the web part properties. And can be added to any page. Language of the web part was selected through two choices, administrator or auto selected through query parameters. Administration Web part: This Web Part has single language support and it creates an export file in CSV or tab-separated format, suitable for use with Maestro ListServ , View and Export list subscribers. Backend Operations: All the web parts Backend operations are performed on SharePoint lists .All the Lists operations in the web parts were done through LINQ to SharePoint List by generating Entities class through SPMetal, RSS requires LINQ to xml and LINQ to SharePoint too. Matrid technologies,Noida/Chandigarh,India April’08– May’11 Architect/ SharePoint Developer and Designer Solution Environment: Sharepoint 2010, Sharepoint 2007, Sharepoint designer. Clients: Thomas Net, Sai Technologies, SGR-Mtown(Delhi) Responsibilities: ➢ Creating Portal site, site collections, site hierarchy, and navigation ➢ Developed and supported InfoPath forms integrated with Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server. ➢ Designing and implementing customizations for pages, lists, and libraries ➢ Customizing master pages, layouts, themes, CSS. ➢ Customizing content types, libraries, publishing and workflows. ➢ Configuring User Authentication to applications and security configurations ➢ Fully Involved in Testing, Validating, Enhancing & Deploying Custom Web Parts. ➢ Designing and developing custom Web Parts, Master Pages, Event Handlers, and Workflows and deploying them as features. ➢ Ensured appropriate permissions are set and Portal is available to desired audiences ➢ Defined Information management policies on documents and custom content types. ➢ Backup though Retention. ➢ Provisioned team collaboration sites needed by the business and by IT groups. ➢ Provisioned sites with custom lists, document libraries, content types, workflows. ➢ Manage User Permissions, Create Groups, Assign permissions ➢ Creating search center and Customizing Search with scopes and keywords. ➢ Customizing navigation for different audiences. MedFoSys,Noida/Mohali,India May’06-Dec’07 Developer Solution Environment: C#, ASP.Net, XML, SQL-Server, Sharepoint 2007. Project: For the insurance verification every entry has to go through these all the steps schedules, document verification, Registration verification, Insurance verification, Data entry, Coding, Charges and Denial etc. And in the last that reaches for the charges, which has been proved by the insurance company. My part was to work on the documentation verification module and registration. Contact Details: Phone: 6477794767 Email:

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