For the last 10 years, I have recruited and hired talent at all levels across Canada. I have worked with small companies, fortune 500 corporations, big consulting firms, I even ran my own small business for 4 years helping clients hire top talent.

What I can share with you is, talent acquisition is an unfair game! It is highly unfair for small to medium sized businesses in Canada. SMB Companies employ over 99% of the workforce, but they don’t have the right tools, no ATS, no resume directory, no career page or employer branding page to tell their story. They struggle to attract top talent from the best schools, immigrants and diverse communities. The cost of a bad hire and risk is very high for SMBs and more than 50% report that it is their number 1 challenge. That is why I created Job Minister.

Job Minister is a professional networking and applicant tracking platform that allows small businesses to -

Attract, Engage and Hire better Talent.

Job Ministeris a cloud solution, where you can sign up in a minute, build a company profile in 2 minutes and set up a career page with just 1 click!

  • Employer Branding
  • Applicant Tracking & Recruiting
  • Candidate and Employee Engagement

All under, one dashboard!

Job Minister lets you collaborate with team members and make better hiring decisions. We also improve diversity in sourcing talent without breaking your bank.


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