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Saad works at Job Minister


Web Developer January 2016 - Present

SoftBrigade Lahore, PB, Pakistan

Developer January 2019 - Present

Job Minister Toronto, ON, Canada


The web circa 2016 is significantly more powerful. The last few years have seen the rise of the so-called “real-time” web: apps with much higher interaction between clients and servers and peer-to-peer. Apps comprised of many services (a.k.a. micro services) are the norm. And, new web technologies allow web apps to go in directions we could only dream of a decade ago. One of these core technologies are Web Sockets: a new protocol that provides full-duplex communication — a persistent, open connection between the client and the server, with either able to send data

License & Certifications

3Com Certified Solutions Expert (CSE)  January 2015 - Present

King university, License - 74233666

1st Class Power Engineering  May 2013 - Present

King university, License - 95323366

Job Minister
Saad works at Job Minister
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✅  Full Stack Developer with over 3 years of software development experience and architecting web applications. Most of my experience lies with the following technologies:

- Javascript (AngularJS, NodeJS, ReactJS, VueJS, Firebase, jQuery)

- Typescript (Angular5, Nativescript )

- Python (Django, Flask)

- Php (Laravel, Wordpress)

- Powershell, bash

- MySQL, MongoDB, Postgres

- Apache, NGiNX

- Linux, OSX


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