Taimour Ismail 7923 83 ave NW T6C1A5, Edmonton, AB ,780-680-6327, taimour32@yahoo.com Career Objective: Looking for a therapy assistant position to support physicians in treating patients mental and physical conditions. Summary of Skills: Proficient knowledge in psychology and physical therapy terminologies and treatment procedures Ability to communicate complex medical terminologies in a simple language Possess outstanding physical fitness and mental endurance necessary to tackle pressure situations and meet emergencies Excellent observational, analytical, and diagnostic abilities Experience in operating patient care equipment, and therapeutic modalities (TENS, IFC, EMS, Ultra Sound, Hot-Cold packs) Practicum Experience Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, Neurology PTA, Jan 7/19 to Feb 8/19. University of Alberta Hospital, Clubfoot Clinic OTA, Feb 11/19 to Mar 22/19. University of Alberta Hospital, Corbett Hall Student Physical Therapy Clinic, Mar 25/19 to Apr 26/19. SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS Supporting the head therapist in consulting and treating patients by suggesting medications, vaccinations, and exercises Communicating with patients and developing a comfort level with them to understand their problems and troubles for making accurate diagnosis Instructing patients, their family members, and educating them about the therapy procedures, necessary medication, and precautions to be taken Monitoring the effect of the treatments on patients and noting down the changes in the health condition of the patients Planning and implementing customized therapy for patients Performed duties as instructed by the head therapist and ensured prompt attention and treatment to all patients Consulted with rehab and physical therapists as per the patient's medical condition to support the ongoing therapy treatments Assisted the patients during their exercising regimes, meditation practices, recreational activities, and ensured tasks are performed accurately Attended to medical emergencies and administer first aid as suitable Taught and instructed patients on using wheelchairs, braces, and artificial limbs Education: Associate’s Degree in Physical Therapy assistant, occupational therapy assistant, Grant MacEwan.( May/2019) Other courses: Standard first aid, BLS provider Heart and stroke foundation15/12/2018. Actual work: Sales Associate in Homedepot- westmount since feb-2018 References: Available upon request

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